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Black House

Stephen King

ISBN : 9780007134762
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 About the Book 

I hate that the first thing you see of a review is the number of stars its given.Someones feeling about a book is not easily reduced to a five-point scale. And even once that is done, how do I know what five stars means to you? How do you know what five stars means to me?For me, a five star book is a book that I believe is worth the time and energy youre going to spend reading it.If, (and this is key) youre into that sort of book. (Horror, Mystery, Fantasy, Hardcore Gothic Gypsy Steampunk.)A six-star book, is a book that I believe is worth your time and energy even if its *not* the sort of thing youre into. (Generally speaking, this is the sort of book Ill give a promotional blurb for.)Unfortunately, there isnt a six star option here on goodreads.Generally speaking, a four star book is one that irritates me or disappoints me in one or two moderate ways.A three star book has several moderate irritations, or one big one, or or something that was irritating all the way through.Keep in mind that I can be extraordinarily critical of my books. Things that irritate me might not ever even show up on your mental radar.Further complicating things is the fact that sometimes Im willing to give a book a bonus star due to extenuating circumstances. If the writer is doing something new and exciting, for example. If theyre trying something really difficult or if its their first book, Ill often give an extra star.So. To the point. Did I enjoy this book? Yes. I didnt know there was a sequel to the Talisman until I saw this in an airport a week ago. I enjoyed reading it. Held my attention. Pleased me with its craft.Is it for everyone? No. So heres the breakdown.** What I personally liked about this book:It was told in present tense, and done well. Not a lot of folks can pull that off.The narrator was almost an active character, almost like a tour guide through the story. He/she speaks directly to the reader at points, saying things like, Lets see whats going on over at the old mill...Again, it worked well. Extra points for that.Also, it was set in Wisconsin. Which is kinda fun for me.**What you might like about this book:Everything that you normally like about Steven Kings stuff. Interesting characters. Alternate worlds. Nice tie-in with the Talisman and the Dark Tower stuff.Nice description. Nice special effects. Nice tension and suspense. Nice characterization.**What you might dislike about this book:Its a large, rambly story. A lot of the book is spent in atmospherics, developing non-essential characters, and digressions, rather than action and moving the story forward.The Talisman was a cool adventure story. A young boy goes out, explores a strange world on a quest to save his mom.This book isnt that. Theres no real adventure. They dont even get into the other world until the last 80 pages or so.Children in danger. (Im sensitive to this, having a kid now myself. It can be a dealbreaker for some folks.)Extreme potentially even gratuitous violence and gore. (But again, were in the horror genre, so....)So there you go. Isnt that better than some arbitrary number of stars? Now you can make your own choice about whether you want to read it. Or not. Its up to you.